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Husky House Landscape
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Every Project is Unique

We love getting the opportunity to work for a client more than once! When this family moved into their new house, they wasted no time calling Alderwood back to help redesign their landscape! With a lot to fit into a small space, there were plenty of unique aspects to this stunning project.

The original landscaping in the backyard was nice and included a concrete patio and fire pit area. However, our clients wanted to take the space to the next level and make it more luxurious and functional for their family. In addition to adding walkways, our clients wanted other focal points instead of just their trampoline. Thus, our architect had a fun challenge!

From a design standpoint, it took a unique plan to ensure each element fit aesthetically into such a tight space. Our architect worked with the existing topography and configured the design so the trampoline was on the back slope. This way, the trampoline's surface was level with the rest of the yard and thus easily viewable from the house. Installing the fire pit and water feature elements on either side of the yard provides stunning focal points from any angle, inside or outside! Finally, the sports court remained off to the side, easily accessible by a flagstone paver path.

During construction, the biggest hurdle was accessibility to the job site. Unable to temporarily remove the neighboring fence, our crews only had one narrow access point. This resulted in needing to use special equipment and a unique construction process. Nevertheless, our team got it done, and the project progressed steadily.

Overall, the final landscape, though small, was an impressive accomplishment and our team enjoyed the process. Most importantly, the homeowners are thrilled with the results and can enjoy the yard for years to come!

  • Design Elements Included
  • Columnar Water Feature
  • Porcelain Paver Patio
  • Flagstone Walkway
  • Custom Sport Court
  • Custom Trampoline Access
  • Stone Fire Pit
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