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These clients’ vision for a mountain retreat backyard surrounding their natural-style home was completed in 2015. After checking out our transformation of their neighbor’s backyard, they knew exactly what they wanted: a multi-purpose, beautiful landscape that enhanced their home’s architecture, accented by a private mountain retreat feel.

Upon realizing that Alderwood could make their dream resort a reality, our clients requested 2 years of phased work.

Before remodeling, the property had limited patio space, unused areas, and builder-grade materials. Each deadline and phase of the design/build process was met on time and within budget. The project encompassed the entire property, including both front and back yards.

The new front yard enhances their mountain-style home with multiple stone patios and walkways, custom exterior lighting, and premium plants and trees.

The backyard’s design captures the clients’ ideal retreat with spacious views, a large stone patio for entertaining, a perched stone fire pit centerpiece, and a natural waterfall with an artificial creek, complete with rock outcroppings.

  • Design Elements Included
  • Multiple Natural Stone Patios
  • Natural Stone Walkways and Bridge
  • Perched Stone Fire Pit
  • Natural Stone Waterfall
  • Artificial Creek with Dry-Stream
  • Natural Rock Outcroppings
  • Custom Lighting
  • New Lawn Sod
  • Plants and Trees
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