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Alderwood Landscaping is a design/build landscape architecture firm specializing in creating large backyard resorts that include custom garden spaces. Our experienced professionals envision spaces with fire pits, water features, outdoor kitchens, paver patios, and vegetable gardens.

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How to Keep Elk and Deer Out of Your Landscape in Spokane

Living on a property frequented by wildlife is a unique opportunity to have an up-close view of nature. It's all fun and games, though, until your beautiful landscape is destroyed as a result!

Create the Perfect Backyard for Entertaining in Spokane

Do you want to be the hub of the neighborhood? You can’t do that without a yard that’s set up for entertaining. If you’re looking to upgrade your backyard, then consider these landscape ideas for ultimate backyard hosting.

Great Veggies to Plant Right Now for a Fall Harvest in Spokane

Gardens across the Pacific Northwest are producing all sorts of fruit and veggies--including zucchini, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, raspberries, and more! Did you miss out on starting your garden earlier this spring? Or are you hoping to keep harvesting throughout the fall?

Either way, we have good news for you! There are plenty of vegetables that thrive in the heat and into fall

The Quiet Gardens Landscaping Trend in Spokane

The Wall Street Journal came out with an article last month that emphasized an up-and-coming trend in landscaping. According to the article, "quiet gardens" have become increasingly popular in the previous year to reduce anxiety. Gardening and landscape maintenance are known to reduce stress, but this new trend refers to a calming landscape design from the start. Keep reading as we flesh out this new trend

A Beginner's Guide to Composting in Spokane

Experts say that due to our "quarantine spring," more people are gardening this summer than ever before! Because of this, today's blog is about composting. It is not only one of the best nutrient-rich supplements for your garden's soil, but an excellent way to reduce waste!

Here's a step-by-step guide to composting!

Cultivating Your Family's Love of Gardening

Whether you believe sustainable living is vital for our planet's longevity or you simply enjoy a flourishing landscape, you won't regret making gardening a family affair! Cultivating a love for plants and home-grown food in your children creates sweet memories for everyone!
Perhaps the most significant benefit of gardening with your children is the opportunity to work alongside them, showing them the joys of hard work and responsibility! When planting flowers and seeds, younger kiddos can use kid-friendly tools to play in the dirt next to you, pick weeds with you, or decorate garden areas with rocks and leaves!