How to Design the Perfect Garden for Your Outdoor Space

Want a garden in your backyard? Whether you're looking to add a beautiful sanctuary to your outdoor space or you're hoping to grow your own vegetables, read this article to start brainstorming how to design your garden space!

If you want more than a couple of garden beds, we recommend you hire a landscaper to help you create a garden you'll love. However, regardless of if a landscaper is taking over or you are doing it all DIY, it is wise to research and gather ideas on what to incorporate into your space.

There are a few ideas to consider when designing your perfect garden:

Include a Walkway

If your garden is going to be the focal point of your property and encompass the majority of your outdoor space, consider implementing a pathway to add an aesthetically functional element. Walkways should be wide enough so that at least one person can walk through comfortably without getting attacked by hydrangeas. Ensure your pathways are level and not uneven.

Consider Plants' Growth Habits

If you're planting primarily small flowers and bushes, then you can afford to squeeze things together a bit if necessary. You should always check to see the growth habits of your plants to see if they can grow next to certain plants and how much room they need to flourish. You should always allocate space for your plants to grow, and if a certain plant tends to grow to be quite large you should plan accordingly.

Make a Space You'll Love

Even though you may want your garden to resemble the Amazon Rain Forest, you should still make space for yourself! Gardens can be great for lounging -- especially with the added tranquility of a gently flowing water feature. Your backyard area should include areas for relaxing, playing, working, and gardening. So don't forget to make room for what matters most to you!

The perfect gazebo and the perfect view

Landscaping can be challenging without the help of trusted landscaping services, but that doesn't mean you can't design the perfect space in the meantime. When you're ready to begin building your perfect garden, don't hesitate to contact Alderwood Landscaping. Our team is ready to help you bring your garden dreams to life.

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