Top Landscape Trends for 2022

Do you want to be on the front end of what's new and exciting? Tired of your decor always being one step behind? Then congrats, you are in the right place for the biggest landscape trends we will see this year. Let's jump in!

Pops of Color

Home renovation experts have raved about neutrals in decorating and structural styles for most of the last decade. However, interior designers are now showing off vibrant colors as their styles shift. Though designers introduced pops of color to stand out against natural tones last year, we predict bright, bold colors will take center stage throughout this year!

In exterior design, this trend may reveal itself in colorful outdoor furniture or dramatic stone countertops. If you're considering a cosmetic revamp of your outdoor space in 2022, don't be afraid to throw some color in there!

Outdoor Home Offices predicts 53% of US workers are remaining in a hybrid work-from-home situation for the foreseeable future. Though outdoor home offices have been growing steadily in popularity, we anticipate a continued increase in outdoor spaces specifically designed with an exterior workspace in mind. For some, this may be a pre-built shed. For our PNW friends, a shed provides functionality during the wetter, colder months with the option to open windows throughout the summer. For others, a cozy bench seat near a fire pit works perfectly.

As our architects have watched the work-from-home trend, several clients have requested a work-from-home-friendly landscape. We've seen some creative options that vary from a water feature focal point visible out an office window to a complete outdoor desk setup. Going into this year, we expect to work on many more outer home offices.

Accelerated Focus on Tech and Automation

As we begin this year, expect to hear all about new tech for your landscape. The last two years have taught us to live simply quicker, and we anticipate a continual push to bring new tech into outdoor living. Now, large AV (audio/visual) systems are almost a no-brainer for high-end clients, and robotic lawnmowers are all the rage.

Garden Inside, Low-Maintenance Outside

Indoor gardens, succulents, and the "plant Mom" trend will be sticking around for a while. So what does this mean for landscaping? Experts have noticed an increased desire for outdoor plant areas to remain low maintenance due to the interior focus. While the sudden love of indoor plants has increased the number of outdoor gardens, the desire for low-maintenance areas is still the same.

Contractor Delays

The recent supply chain issue has affected businesses across the country, and the landscape architecture industry is no different. Throughout 2022, landscape design companies will continue playing catch up from continuous delays. This may result in the use of unique materials, or maybe homeowners will choose different style options to finish their project sooner. Whether or not the delays influence your design choices, you can expect longer wait times for contractors to complete your remodel. This may end up being a year that requires a bit of patience!

Of course, no one can predict the future. However, seeing where we have come in the LA industry the last few years, these five trends are likely to be front and center. Alderwood Landscaping is excited to bring these trends to life. Which one is your favorite? Give us a call, and let's make it come to life in your backyard!

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