Summer Landscape Maintenance

Ahh summer! With it, though, comes the opportunity for your landscape to either look its best or its worst. We want to make sure your yard thrives this year, so continue reading for our summer landscape care tips!


Of course, a healthy lawn is necessary for overall curb appeal, so we will start with that. We recommend mowing your lawn about once a week. In the hot summer months, taller grass holds up to drought better, so raise the blades on your mower slightly so that your grass is 3-4 inches tall. Leave the clippings on the soil for additional moisture and nutrients.

Speaking of nutrients, you can fertilize throughout the summer with a low-nitrogen mix of fertilizer. This will provide the grass with the right combination to stay healthy but not go through a growing season (which is dangerous for grass in high temperatures). Please note, now is not the time to fertilize your garden plants, just your lawn. Check out this blog for more tips on how to keep your grass green throughout the summer:


Of course, regularly watering your lawn is vital to avoid brown, dead grass. Depending on your climate, water about twice a week. Ensure the grass is well-watered, meaning long enough so the nourishment reaches the deepest roots. Want more tips for watering efficiently?

In addition, focus on watering top feeders such as shrubs. These plants, such as roses, have shallow roots that need frequent watering. Watering your entire landscape in the morning is essential for the summer so that water has time to soak into the soil before evaporating in the heat of the day. Pay close attention to your garden, as plants will let you know when they need water by showing signs of stress or frail leaves. Be careful not to over or under-water, and monitor the weather so that you can provide additional nourishment in times of drought.


Summer is a great time to simply relax and enjoy your beautiful outdoor space. The only proper maintenance needed, besides regular mowing, is light weeding and pruning. Pull weeds as they pop up to avoid them taking nutrients from your flowers. In terms of pruning, no significant cutting back should occur until the fall, so simply remove dead blooms as needed or branches that no longer flower or grow. Harvest veggies as often as possible to encourage new growth.

If you want to do a major landscape overhaul, we have plenty of blogs about which elements might be best for your space. If you are looking for a landscape architect to hire for a backyard resort project, give us a call for a complimentary consultation!

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