September is Coastal Clean-Up Month

September is Coastal Clean-Up Month!

No matter how close you live to water sources, though, this month offers an excellent opportunity to focus on reducing waste and protecting wildlife!

So if you are looking for something to do this weekend, grab a friend or two and a plastic bag and head to the beach!

Trash, plastic, and liquid pollution are not only unappealing, but they also have lasting adverse effects on wildlife. Marine debris is waste that ends up in the ocean - either from a beach or by making its way through a neighborhood stream or storm drain. This pollutes waterways, causing issues for animals living in the ocean, and results in dirty water for your beach days! Thankfully, even picking up just one piece of trash can save or extend an animal's life.

If you do have close access to a beach, grab some friends and spend an hour (or the whole day!) picking up trash, bottles, and other plastic pieces. Wear disposable gloves if possible and never pick up broken glass, needles, or other sharp objects. While any time you are on a walk or at the beach is a great time to take care of the earth, you will probably see some people joining you this weekend!

Any local park or street can be a dumping ground for garbage, so one idea is to keep an extra bag in the car so you can pick some up any time you see it. If you have kids, make cleaning the earth into a fun game, like seeing who can pick up the most pieces or play "garbage bingo" with commonly found items. Also, consider teaching your children the meaning of taking care of the planet by throwing away trash, recycling, and reducing waste. Providing a healthier world for your loved ones should be fun!!

Washington State also has an Adopt a Beach program! If your family, church group, or sorority is looking to take ownership of and improve your community, this is a fantastic opportunity!!

We would love to see how you are improving our environment! Come say hi on our social media!

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