Preparing for Spring: March Landscaping Tips

Although it is still too early to dive into spring gardening by setting up your garden beds and planting flowers, here are a few things you can do to prepare your yard!

Clean Landscape

Cleaning up your landscape takes time, but it is undoubtedly the best start to your spring gardening!

Especially before the first mow, remove any debris from your lawn. Twigs and dead leaves inhibit your lawn's ability to grow and flourish since it blocks the sunlight. Another reason to pick up yard litter is to remove places for insects to hide. While you may not want to destroy their natural habitat, leaving such waste prevents grass growth.
Remove weeds in your landscape as soon as you see them. As the weather heats up and new weeds grow (around the first week of April), apply pre-emergent and fertilizer. The best tip for a weed-less season is to stop them before they seed and spread. Since it has been cold, the weeds should have short, weak roots.
If your yard needs to be aerated or thatched, wait to do so until the last frost is a few weeks behind you. It is detrimental to aerate the lawn while it is still dormant. Head to your local garden supply store to rent a thatcher or purchase a thatching rake. 

Finally, after a long, wet winter, your landscape will likely be a breeding ground for moss. You may need to pressure wash your hardscaping to remove moss, dirt, and debris.

The spring clean-up may be time-consuming, but it is vital to the success of your landscape for the rest of the year!

Lawn Equipment Care

Your lawn care equipment has likely been cooped up inside the garage all winter! Before any use, experts recommend giving them a thorough cleaning. Change the oil and filter on your lawn mower, and replace or sharpen the blade, if necessary. Make sure to clean out any debris. 

Prune and Trim

Early spring is a great time to trim trees and prune plants.  Focus on removing dead or out-of-place branches. You can use your judgment for simple trimming fixes, but we recommend consulting a professional for larger projects.

Plan Ahead

Now is the time to plan what projects you want to tackle this season! Create a timeline and purchase materials as they become available at your local hardware and garden stores. If you want a bounty of fruits and veggies this summer, plant the starts in peat pots and keep them inside until it is warm enough to plant them outside. This way, you will have a head start on a summer of produce growth!

Prepare Garden Beds

While March is a bit early to plant outside, the warmer weather at the end of the month should be perfect for preparing the soil and beds. You can buy a soil test kit from your local hardware store to test the acidity or find out if you need to replace the soil. Add mulch and edge beds to give them the fresh start they need!

Hopefully, the weather will cooperate as you prepare your gorgeous landscape! Not sure when it is time to plant your garden outside? We got you covered!

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