3 Design Tips for Planning Your Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are the emerging trend when it comes to backyard entertainment. A few years ago, only the most extraordinary backyard remodels had the luxury of outdoor cookware. Now, they have become a staple in almost every resort-scale project. An outdoor kitchen area extends the luxury of a home outside and increases the functionality of one's property. Because of this vital role, however, there are several things to consider when designing your new space.

Design Flow

Since there is a lot of design potential with an exterior kitchen, ensure the transition outdoors is seamless and inviting. An outdoor kitchen should extend your home's aesthetic and make it feel like a natural addition. It offers room-like boundaries and defines your porch, deck, or landscape. Consider these things when planning your kitchen's location and design to ensure an ideal entertainment area!


Are you planning on hosting lots of summer barbeques? Or neighborhood chili feeds? Family wood-fired pizza nights? These are all excellent questions to ask yourself before committing to a design plan. We have clients that choose a variety of appliances from pizza ovens to Gaucho grills. Also, consider whether your kitchen should include a fridge or sink for easy access. Whatever you include, make sure it fulfills the intended purpose of the space.

Tech Features

Once you have the basic outline of your outdoor kitchen, consider including specific tech for a more functional space. Covered structures, heaters, and lighting are all popular add-ons for exterior spaces and a must for many backyard resortsOther add-ons to consider include shelving and storage options, counter space, and type of dining area. While you may now have a better idea of what to include in your landscape remodel, you may feel overwhelmed! Hiring a landscape architect that knows every option and can guide you to choose what best suits your needs can make the process go a lot smoother! Ready to talk with a professional architect about what your outdoor kitchen might look like?Contact Us!

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