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Ultimate Pool Party

Residing on property just north of Spokane, these clients trusted Alderwood to transform their boring backyard into a hosting paradise! With several unique requests and plenty of space to use, our team had a blast creating this all-inclusive backyard resort!

The original yard, full of ill-placed shrubs and a few trees on a steep slope, was overgrown and crowded. At the client's request, the design included the trees and worked with the natural grading. They also wanted a few modern design elements while naturally blending with their existing Craftsman style. More than anything, these homeowners wanted their new landscape to expand their entertaining space and allow them to bring their parties outdoors!

The biggest challenge from a design standpoint was configuring the space so that the project included each element without feeling busy or overwhelming. The structure's placement and design distract from the unwanted view of the house and storage shed while creating multiple separate areas for family and entertainment. Working everything together both logistically and aesthetically proved challenging but came together beautifully as the process continued.

Several small, custom details woven throughout this project made it especially unique and a perfect fit for this family. From the built-in jumping rock for the pool, fire pit "island," and interactive water feature to the reclaimed barn wood structure and modern lighting elements -- this project is one of our favorites!

As everything came together, the final landscape exceeded our clients' high expectations. Overjoyed with the results, they now jump at the chance to host family and business events year-round in their outdoor resort.

Design Elements

  • Jumping Rock
  • Fire Pit Island
  • Multi-Level Columnar Water Feature
  • Reclaimed Wood Covered Structure
  • Basalt Column Layered Retaining Wall
Ultimate Pool Party