Breathtaking Northwest Waterfall

With a small budget, awkward slopes, and overgrown greenery, these clients wanted to turn their small backyard into a functional extension of their home they actually wanted to spend time in. While the yard is private, it lacked the interest and amenities the couple craved.


Construction took just 1 month! The entire project was completed on time and on budget for under $100,000. Since this project was completed during the area’s rainy season, mud was a constant battle during construction. Our team of construction managers implemented multiple techniques for counteracting the mud including the use of track mats, tenting, and using hog fuel along access roads.


Alderwood’s licensed Landscape Architect developed a plan that included a raised paver patio, secondary patio space, large waterfall, and landscape lighting. Our design also included new french doors off of the freshly renovated kitchen. This addition truly connects the spaces year round and frames the waterfall beautifully.


The waterfall is a dynamic centerpiece of the back patio, and also serves as a great focal point out the kitchen windows. Sounds of falling water can be heard from almost every window of the house, as well as the deck on the opposite side of the home, offering tranquility no matter where you are. The raised patio simplifies the space and allows for more usable space as opposed to the common alternative of using multiple staircases & transition areas. The outdoor lighting system has added life and interest to the space, especially in the dark winter months.

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Design Elements

  • Raised Paver Patio
  • Large Waterfall
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • French Doors
  • Plantings



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