A Mountain Retreat with Breathtaking Water Feature

The clients’ vision for a mountain retreat backyard and natural landscape surrounding their mountain style home was finally completed in 2015 after 2 years of phased work at their request. After checking out our transformation of their neighbors’ backyard, they knew exactly what they wanted from Alderwood: a multi-use functional and beautiful landscape that enhanced their home’s architecture and style with a private mountain retreat feel.


Before, the couple’s property offered limited patio space that didn’t fit their entertaining needs, completely unused areas, and builder-grade materials. Each deadline and phase of the design/build process over the years was met on time and on budget for $125-$150,000 in total. The project encompassed the entire property including both and front and back yards.


The front yard focuses on enhancing their home’s mountain style architecture with multiple natural stone patios and matching walkways, custom exterior lighting, a new lawn, premium plants, and new trees. The backyard’s design captures the clients’ ideal mountain retreat with spacious territorial views, a large natural stone patio for entertaining, a perched stone fire pit centerpiece, natural stone waterfall and artificial creek with dry-steam and rock outcroppings, extensive custom lighting, natural-looking grading, and premium plantings to complement the home’s natural setting.

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Design Elements

  • Multiple Natural Stone Patios
  • Natural Stone Walkways and Bridge
  • Perched Stone Fire Pit
  • Natural Stone Waterfall
  • Artificial Creek with Dry-Stream
  • Natural Rock Outcroppings
  • Custom Lighting
  • New Lawn Sod
  • Plants and Trees



Starting your backyard resort is easy.

We walk you through the process from design to finished construction. With our multi-disciplinary team of licensed landscape architects, designers, project managers, and licensed contractors on your side, creating your dream backyard will almost be as easy as enjoying it.