Artificial Hot Spring Relaxes Guests

The client loves natural hot springs and bringing small groups of friends together for quality time. Creating an artificial hot spring in his backyard was an obvious choice when trying to decide what to do with an unused portion of the yard. His ideal rustic and romantic mountain spa also included a gas ‘fire wall’ and patio surround. He initially learned about Alderwood Landscaping and Construction via a flyer on his front door. Impressed with the examples shown there, he reached out to us. As the design process unfolded, he realized that Alderwood would be the only company to partner with to build this unique amenity due to our expertise & knowledge of working with water features and fire pits.


Since the existing slope was falling away from the house and main viewpoints, the main challenge of this project was to build up the backside of the waterfall. A custom boulder outcropping and imported soil make up the man-made slope behind the waterfall. The key is to make the slope and adjoining water feature look natural, not a random mound of dirt in the middle of an otherwise flat area. In just 5 weeks, the grotto-style heated spa was ready for guests. Work was completed on time and on budget for between $100-125,000.


Moving and heating water was the key to the success of this project. We integrated the heated water feature with a unique ‘fire wall’ to help conceal the equipment. The nearby fire wall generates plenty of heat to keep our clients warm on cool spring and fall evenings. Rustic flagstone pathways define the space and surrounding walkways.


The artificial hot spring and surrounding amenities has become the clear focal point of the back yard and the client’s favorite place to relax. The project has become a living sculpture with flowing water, growing & evolving plant material, and a ‘fire wall’ that illuminates the space. Whether he in his home listening to the falling water through an open window, sipping wine next to the fire, or soaking his feet at the edge of the heated grotto, his outdoor living experience has gotten a serious upgrade.

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Design Elements

  • Artificial Hot Spring with Waterfall
  • Fire Pit Integrated with Wall
  • Natural Flagstone Surround
  • Natural Rock Outcroppings
  • Grading
  • Plants



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