Luxurious Backyard Resort with Pool

This family’s home missed one last piece: a luxurious backyard resort with a pool. With a large pool as the focal point of the yard, the other design choices fell into place to complete their ideal outdoor entertaining space. Before the transformation, the yard was a sloped lawn so steep it was effectively unusable. Significant grading work was needed to create a larger usable space to build the pool and surrounding amenities.


In just 5 weeks, the backyard was leveled and entirely revamped into the clients’ ideal backyard resort on time and on budget at about $125,000. After the initial work was completed, the pool was built by a Alderwood’s subcontractor. The luxurious backyard resort with pool incorporates an existing covered patio and features an outdoor fireplace, extensive custom LED lighting, hot tub, synthetic lawn for soccer, walkways, and contemporary landscaping with ornamental and seasonal interest.

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Design Elements

  • Extensive Grading Work to Increase Usable Space
  • Incorporates Existing Covered Patio
  • Outdoor Fireplace
  • Extensive Custom LED Lighting
  • Hot Tub
  • Synthetic Lawn
  • Walkways
  • Contemporary Plants and Trees



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