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How do you turn a small backyard into a dog-friendly, low-maintenance, ready for guests no matter the weather outdoor living space? – phew- Alderwood landscape contractors pulled it off in this beautiful Sammamish private backyard escape.


Before construction the grass was heavily damaged by energetic dogs and poor drainage, and a hot tub dominated the small builder-grade patio.


Alderwood landscape architects in Sammamish consulted with the client on a new design; construction took only 5 weeks! The entire project was completed on time and on budget for $100k – $125,000.


Now the backyard boasts four distinct gathering spaces. A bistro style dining area for sunny days and a covered patio for rainy days. A hot tub nestled in the trees and plants near the corner of the property. A new properly-draining grassy dog run. And a seating area surrounding a fire pit with a bubbler water feature. Privacy screening using carefully chosen plants surrounds the entire yard, providing much-needed seclusion from the neighbors. The yard’s lack of sun exposure posed a challenge. As a result, shade tolerant plantings were chosen.


The clients continue to enjoy their sammamish backyard escape years after the transformation. With a covered patio and stone fire pit, this outdoor living space is truly an extension of their home three seasons out of the year. The bubbler water feature and privacy plantings create a genuinely secluded experience that effectively masks the sights and sounds of neighbors without the need for harsh-looking sound barrier walls.


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Design Elements

  • Small Backyard
  • Overhead Structure
  • Raised Paver Patio
  • Counter-Sunken Hot Tub
  • Stone Fire Pit
  • Bubbler Water Feature
  • Privacy Plantings



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