Mountain Golf Course Retreat

Builder grade has a bad connotation for a reason. It always leaves folks wanting more. The clients envisioned a functional and beautiful backyard experience that took advantage of their beautiful views. They wanted to be able to enjoy the space no matter the weather in their area’s unpredictable climate: a covered area for wet days, an open air patio for sunny days, and a fire pit for cool evenings.


In just 8 weeks, construction was completed in January/February of 2012 for $100-150,000. While mud did create a challenge due to winter construction, we’re always working on ways to streamline our year-round construction methods.


The clients’ new outdoor living space creates a multidimensional backyard that can be used all four seasons in the area’s temperate, wet climate. The overhead structure offers a cozy, semi-private corner of the patio to hang out, visit with friends and family, and enjoy the view of the golf course. The large open paver patio and lowered fireplace overlook are large enough to accommodate large groups and parties, while also offering a comfortable setting for family dinners on the patio. The Barnes’ outdoor living room has proven to be a valuable extension of the home’s living space over the years.

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Design Elements

  • Large Covered and Open Patio
  • Overhead Structure
  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • Fire Pit
  • Lighting
  • Plants and Trees



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