Dramatic Home Entry & Large Waterfall

The clients’ brand-new home was missing something essential to the homeowners; the “wow” factor. They wanted a special experience as you enter the home, not the standard sidewalk with traditional landscaping.


One of the clients is a real estate developer. Alderwood’s licensed Landscape Architect has already developed a relationship with them and through the course of their friendship, they saw several examples of our creativity and quality. When it came time to develop a dramatic entry to their own home, he knew he wanted Alderwood to design and build his vision.


After the final design was nailed down, construction took just 2 weeks. The entire project was completed on time and on budget for $35-60,000. Since this project was for a new construction home, it was easy to coordinate power for the waterfall pump. In some cases, installing a power line can cause damage to the landscape, but everything went very smoothly due to the clean slate.


Alderwood’s team utilized the clients’ initial vision to develop a design highlighted by a large multi-fall water feature with a negative edge component and bridge feature. As guests approach the front door from the parking area, they are guided along a winding pathway and across a bridge near the waterfall.


Typically, larger water features make the most sense in backyards. However, here the waterfall offers a dramatic experience as you approach the home. The master bedroom faces the waterfall, so open windows on summer evenings capture the sounds of falling water as they fall asleep.

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Design Elements

  • Large, Dramatic Custom Water Feature
  • Dramatic Entryway

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