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28 Nov 5 Landscaping Mistakes Homeowners Make

With cold weather blowing into the Pacific Northwest, we find ourselves bundled under wool throws and snuggled in front of fireplaces sipping coffee. Dreams of summer days, lounging poolside, dance in our heads as we prepare for the cooler months ahead. Why not turn those dreams into a reality, right outside your back door? This winter is a perfect time to contact our team of landscape architects and start to get those backyard fantasies on paper. For a limited time, receive 20% off your landscape design and get the ball rolling on your back yard resort!

Before letting your imagination run wild, consider these 5 Landscaping Mistakes Homeowners Make:


1) Not Setting A Budget

When you’re starting a landscape project, it’s important to set your budget reflecting your comfort level.

Do your research, know what you want and create a shopping list. If you lack the budget to implement your entire dream plan, consider having your landscaping completed in stages.

A second caveat to this “mistake” is: Have A Plan. Planning helps you avoid a bad mix of landscaping elements that don’t work together.


2) Not Implementing the Appropriate Irrigation

Plan the proper irrigation structure at the beginning of your project and don’t make it an afterthought. Each plant in your landscaping may have different watering needs, and an irrigation system should take that into account.


3) Overlooking the Hardscape

In addition to plants, trees, and shrubs, you need to think about your hardscape. If you are putting in a deck, for instance, you’ll want to make sure any plants you’ve chosen work well with that installation, i.e. aren’t too thorny, don’t overtake the space, don’t crowd the space, etc. This applies to fences, patios, pools and walkways. Incorporate the hardscape into your thought process when placing other landscaping elements.


4) Lighting Considerations

Because you planned your yard in the light of day, you may forget how you want it to look at night. Take into account what elements you’d like to highlight with nighttime landscape lighting and incorporate that into the design.


5) Not Hiring Alderwood

If you have a big yard and big dreams, landscaping can be a complicated and costly endeavor. Having a landscape professional on board saves you hours of wasted time and money. A landscape architect will make the best use of the areas you have and create plans for garden layouts, entertaining areas, water features, and more.

Plan ahead. It can take 3-6 months (or more) to design, coordinate, and install a landscape project. The sooner you get a head start on your ideas, the better. Besides, it’s a lot of fun to dream up all of the possibilities!


Call Alderwood’s Team of Landscape Architects at (866) 453-1253 for a free design consultation. Qualified homeowners receive 20% off designs now through December 31, 2016.